Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Review: Discombobulated, Publick Transport Theatre

Discombulated is the latest from Publick Transport theatre, featuring Angus Barr and Merce Ribot. It is, allegedly, about two airport security experts trying to give a presentation, but if you're looking for some serious satire about the madness that is airline security, this isn't really it. It is, however, very funny, so don't let that put you off. It is basically a series of interlinked sketches loosely based around a theme, and interwoven by the rather difficult relationship between uptight security supervisor (Barr) and his frisky assistant (Ribot). Barr and Ribot are very different kinds of performers, but they work well together on stage. The best aspect of the show was the physical comedy, and the musical number at the end. I also particularly enjoyed the recreations of great air disasters, with just some paper aeroplanes and bits of newspaper, as well as the making-explosives-out-of-flour routine. 'We are using flour, but others use Far More Dangerous Substances'.

The show has been developed recently and had one or two sections that could maybe hit the cutting room floor, especially the bit where the performers start spouting Shakespeare, which is probably only funny if you went to drama school. But overall, Discombobulated got a good response from the audience, and was very entertaining.

Discombobulated is at the Tobacco Factory Brewery until Saturday 13th August.

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