Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sales vs Beach: 4 – Nil to the Beach, and the Referee was a Donkey

Last Sunday the friends with whom I had breakfast swarmed off the sales, very excited about 70% reductions, in search of some complex kitchen gadget.

I on the other hand went to Weston-Super-Mare. On the train. Poor old weston is one of the saddest towns you can imagine, but the seafront is great. There's a big wheel, a pier, and donkey rides. I had an ice-cream, went for a walk, took photos, chatted to a couple of random people, looked at boats, paddled, and walked quite a long way. I went home feeling like I'd really had a break, and all for less than a tenner. I just can't imagine why anyone would prefer a stifling shop on a sunny sunday. The beach is better for so many reasons, besides being cheaper:
  1. You feel justified in eating bad stuff, like candy floss, cos you're getting exercise.
  2. Other people's dogs are cute and amusing, like other people's children.
  3. Walking on sand does wonders for your feet, saving you the cost of one of those weird fish-pedicures.
  4. No-one you know will see you doing bad-taste stuff, they're all at the sales.
 Oh yeah, and did I mention, they have donkeys. Awww! Donkeys!

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